Customizable Note Cards
November 03, 2016


 Welcome to the new Paper Orchid website. We have introduced several new designs and modified some existing ones. We have also added two new paper colors to our color palette, Antique Gold Shimmer and Antique Silver Shimmer. In order to make room for the new products we had to remove some of the older items. If you would like a design that you do not see on the site, please contact customer service.
All of the products on the site are available to be personalized, however that particular function of the website is currently not available. Please contact customer service to have your product personalized.

Customizable Note Cards

Sneak Preview....

Introducing one of our new 2017 product lines!

An exclusive look into what 2017 will bring! New memories to be shared with people you cherish the most, starting with our new Customizable Note Cards. Our versatile note cards can be used to celebrate any memorable day, from large events such as baptisms and weddings, to smaller milestones worth cherishing, to even a simple "Thank You". Pairing our customers aesthetic, with our various images, sizes (A2 & A7), and fonts available, there's not a single occasion to be missed!


Below are a few ideas of the abundant possibilities of customizing your unique card!


Customized note cards for holy ceremonies.



Customized note cards with monogrammed lettering to compose an intimate letter.

What better way to show your appreciation than customizing a unique "Thank You" card. 







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